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AG: The Man – The Musician

Alvin Garrett, journeyed to Birmingham, AL from Tuscaloosa, AL in 1996 to attend Samford University on a football scholarship. Over the next four years, Garrett earned a BSBA in Business Management and made Birmingham his permanent residence after graduation. After successfully working in Corporate America for a few years, Alvin took an intrepid leap of faith and resigned in order to pursue a career in the music business. Less than a year after resigning, Alvin was touring as the bass guitarist with his bandmate, Ruben Studdard, with the American Idol 2 Tour . Both Alvin and Ruben were founding members of the band, Just A Few Cats. After the AI2 Tour in 2003, Garrett continued on with Studdard as his bassist and musical director. While touring the country with his good friend, Alvin Garrett continued to hone his artistic skills that would ultimately expand his talents into the world of production and songwriting.

AG: The Grammy-Nominated Songwriter/Producer

Although you may not have known it, there’s a good chance you’ve heard and felt Alvin Garrett’s signature in much of the R&B and Gospel music you love. In 2012, Garrett was nominated for a Grammy for his contribution to Gospel Album of the Year candidate, Trin-I-Tee 5:7. That year, he also won a Stellar Award with Gospel artist, Deitrick Haddon. In 2013, AG connected with theGrammy Nominated Artist, Joe (“I Wanna Know,” “Stutter”), and wrote his next four chart-topping singles: “I’d Rather Have A Love,” “Love & Sex feat. Fantasia,” “If You Lose Her,” and the 2014 BET Award winning song “Love & Sex Pt 2 feat Kelly Rowland.” Other notable artists on the AG Resume’ include: Noel Gourdin, Johnny Gill, The Bar-Kays, Alexis Spight, Jarvis (Make A Little Room), and more…

AG: The Artist

Along with his thriving career in the background as a songwriter, vocal arranger, and producer, Alvin Garrett made the artistic transition in 2012 with his solo debut album, “Expose Yourself.” His first album contains a variety of Soulful and Sensual R&B that is still revered today by many as an “R&B Classic.” The industry’s best-kept secret and multi-talented Alvin Garrett has recently sent an inspirational shockwave throughout the land with his hit single, “By Myself”. This powerful and inspiring song is in rotation and currently being played on Urban AC, Gospel, Blues, and Southern Soul stations. He is currently working on a new project entitled, “Together,” to be released in 2016, and will include his hit song, “By Myself.”


From History To Vision: A Movement Inspired by “By Myself”


Last year, I released a song entitled, “By Myself.” Many “experts” advised me to license the song to a more “popular” and “established” artist. In their opinion, the song was “too big” for me. I was aware of the benefits that come with licensing a song to a major artist, but this song was different. This was MY STORY, MY PHILOSPHY, and MY DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE from the doubts and limitations placed on my life by others. In spite of certain adversity, I decided to pursue my dream… even if I had to go on “By Myself.”


Since the release of the song, I’ve received a myriad of testimonials about the impact this song has on people’s lives. Some have been encouraged to start their own businesses, or move on from unhealthy relationships. Even cancer patients have reported that it gives them strength as they fight to beat their illness. Heading into Black History Month this year, one story grabbed my special attention.


On January 18, 2016, I received a call from my friend, Birmingham District 4 School Board member, Daagye Hendricks. With great jubilation, she said, “Alvin, you have a HIT! This young man just tore the roof off singing your song at his Martin Luther King Day program.” Jaeden Henderson, a 7th grader at Phillips Academy, had chosen to sing “By Myself” at his school’s MLK program. I knew I had to meet Jaeden. A few days later, I was fortunate to meet with Jaeden and his mother at my recording studio. Although I was flattered that he chose to sing my song, I was more interested to learn what inspired him to do so.


I was delighted to hear Jaeden’s response when I asked him to tell his story. “’By Myself’ is very inspirational,” he said, “It speaks volumes, and it makes people believe you can go on by yourself.” He told his classmates, “Before I sing this song, I want you to think about what others had to go through back in the days. I want you to visualize what Rosa Parks went through, and what Dr. Martin Luther King went to jail for. They went through this for us.” He said, “Mr. Garrett, I wanted people to understand that this song is not saying ‘Go on to the grocery store by yourself.’ It’s about making sacrifices, taking chances, and going on by faith.”


Jaeden Henderson, a 7th grader, found the distinct connection between the words of my song and the mindset of those who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. Jaeden truly understands that we must go “From History To Vision.” As we study Black History, it’s imperative that we appreciate and emulate the attitude of “The Individual”. That young lady sitting in the “Whites Only” section at that restaurant knew the dangers that awaited her on the road to a brighter future; but she sat down anyway. That young man getting hosed down and attacked by dogs in the streets of Birmingham, AL believed enough in the dream to go on…even if he had to go on by himself.


During the last week of Black History Month, Jaeden and I will be visiting various middle schools in the Birmingham area performing “By Myself” and encouraging other’s to go on “From History To Vision.” We hope to inspire other young people to dream big, be leaders, and move forward…even if it means going on By Yourself. As the song states:

I’ve been rejected way too many times in my life

I won’t take “no” for an answer Anymore!

Seems all these walls have been erected to stop my dreams

I won’t let that be a factor anymore!


If you won’t stand with me, If you won’t go with me

I’m gonna go on By myself!

If you won’t fight with me, If you don’t believe in me

I’m gonna walk on By myself!


I’ve got this burning fire deep in my soul

And I can’t escape this lonely, lonely flame.

My journey may go down an old, rugged road

But, I keep on pressing ‘cause I’m not afraid anymore.


If you won’t stand with me, If you won’t go with me

I’m gonna go on By myself!

If you won’t fight with me, If you don’t believe in me

I’m gonna walk on By myself!


I can see clearly now. Finally I opened my eyes

My future’s my responsibility

I realize that if nobody helps carry my cross,

I still gotta go on.




Alvin Garrett to Release New Single, “By Myself”

After releasing his debut album, Expose Yourself, in 2012, one may say that the Grammy-nominated songwriter took a break from the performing artist platform to write hits for other artists such as Joe. Although, his fans still boast that they listen to his first CD on a regular basis, it’s been a while since AG released music with his voice. But he has not lost the desire to tell his own story with his own voice. Actually, there’s a new passion and fire that has been building since his first release, and it will be on full display with his new single, “By Myself” featuring Ruben Studdard. Continue reading →


Alvin Garrett & Joe: A Winning Formula

After writing four songs on Joe’s 2013 release, “Doubleback: Evolution of R&B,” Alvin Garrett reconnected with the crooner for his 2014 release, “Bridges.”  The first album yielded two chart-topping singles, “I’d Rather Have a Love” and “Love & Sex” feat Fantasia, and a resurgence of Joe’s presence on the R&B scene. Maybe it’s the Alabama heritage shared by the two singer-songwriters. Maybe it’s the preacher’s kids connection. Who knows? All we know is that IT WORKS. The formula works. Continue reading →

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